Our client experience interacting with us...
David is a Great Trainer and a top notch Learning Consultant, but not many people in my network know that he was one of the few people who mentored me as I started preparing for a new role in Talent Management covering the entire ASIA region.Overflowing with tremendous positive energy, David comes with tremendous expertise in the area of developing and accelerating performance of talent within the Organization.He has the natural ability to understand client requirements while adapting quickly creating custom made solutions that are very effective in getting the desired results sometimes even exceeding those expectations as well.It has been an exciting experience learning from David and even more so in witnessing the positive impact while applying that learning in real-time corporate situations.
Bharathan Prahalad ( Heading the Talent Management function for the ASIA Region )

David is an amazing Coach, A fantastic philosopher, a great guide. He is a very passionate performer and also a very compassionate human being... He is a very special person in our life and will remain so forever. He is our first coach, who taught us life principles and endorsed our value system. Thank you David for coming into our life...



Ranganathan T S (Media Anchor, Business Entrepreneur, Musician, Producer, Director)
I had heard a lot about David Nair’s' IXL Career training and development workshops, long before I had attended one, while being at Faculty at Pearl Academy of Fashion, Chennai.Having attended 3 of his workshops i can vouch for the fact that David is an amazing Life Coach, A fantastic philosopher, a great guide. He is a very passionate witty performer and also a very compassionate human being... He is a very special person in my life and with his emphatic approach and warmth will remain so forever. He is my coach, who taught me about life principles and endorsed and enhanced my value system, and showed me how all that made a difference to our dreams and achieving our life goals.Thank you David for coming into my life...Affectionate RegardsRanjan Deless
Ranjan De (Dean - Academics at Arch Academy of Design)
David provided executive coaching at our Chennai, India site. He provided incisive advice and a structured approach to measuring improvement across some key areas, particularly around cross group collaboration and on establishing corporate mission alignment. Our Chennai site has since grown to be a strategic venue for the company taking ownership of R&D, Hosting & Support for many Products.
Richard Murray - (Senior VP of World Wide Engineering, Operations & Support at Collabnet Inc.)
A great mentor and friend for life, Mr. David Nair is a warm and intuitive person who has always been ready to extend his time, support and knowledge towards helping me understand myself better. I've had the absolute pleasure of being a part of his trainings on self-realization, personality development, emotional intelligence, achieving of goals and lots more. He's been a wonderful teacher and continues to be one. A definite thumbs up if you ever get the opportunity to interact with Mr. David Nair and be a part of his trainings. His trainings open you up to a different perspective of life...& help you overcome your limitations; both professional and personal...Best wishes & a thank you to Mr. Nair & his team for their life changing trainings!!!
Sharon Vardon (Fashion, apparel & accessories stylist, photo shoots, visual content creator for social media & visual merchandising.)
We at BNT approached Mr. David Nair for training all our department managers. I'm happy to say his training was impactful on each person. Starting from the cultivation of newly set Values, Mission and Core Values, he was able to unify the entire team's understanding of what we are working towards in 2020. Further, across the Phase I of the IXL Training, each individual understood how to become a more effective person in their daily communication and actions not only in the work place but also in their personal life. Basics like time keeping, personal grooming, having a good morning routine - has really changed our work place. He was able to give the exposure and bring the entire group up to speed on the same platform of understanding, which on its own is quite a task in our industry. Sincere thanks to Mr. David Nair for starting us on our learning journey.
J. THAKUR BAKSHANI (Chairman at BNT Group of Companies, India)

Well the first time I met David... I had the privilege of being booted out of a goal setting workshop for turning up late... Was happy to go back to work then... But in the hindsight I truly regret having missed that program...

Having worked with David, he is one of those very few trainers who can create the case for change in behaviour post the program... His genuine interest in personal development and unique delivery makes a compelling appeal to participants to consider trying out the methods of self-development suggested... He also does not go by just a surface need and is ever willing to dig deep to find out the actual problem / need which also is a very important trait...

Overall definitely among the top notch trainers I have interacted with..

Lionel Joseph (Senior Manager - Business HR at Vodafone South Ltd)

David has opened up an altogether new dimension about "the powers of me-time" and the wonders it can do for further up-skilling ones skillets...

With his persuasive yet candid style of interactions, he was able to draw me to the philosophy beneath extracting and tapping the deepest core of energies and potential, through various meditative and introspective routes..

While I am still taking baby steps in this direction, am quite sure of the remarkable effects it has already taken in bringing about a certain calmness and assuredness in my mind and thereby reflecting in my actions; while I multitask at work and home each day...

Thank you David!

Grace Arun (Zonal Business Manager - Lucknow, UP East - Vodafone Digilink Ltd)
A wonderful human being, David's principles on achieving corporate and personal success are extremely pragmatic. Being coached by David was a truly enriching experience, as he elucidated all his principles with real life examples. His multifaceted approach to tackling issues ranging from enhancing one's personal wealth to being a responsible and compassionate human being was mesmerizing. Highly recommended!
Addy Singh (Associate Software Engineer at KLA-Tencor)

I met David when studying NLP with NLP Academy. He is a very warm, wise and intuitive person with a great sprinkling of fun and a joy to work with on our journey of learning.

October 4, 2012, Lindsey studied with David at NLP Academy (under stewardship of John Grinder - NLP Founder)

Lindsey Reed (Confidence Coach and Career Coach: Working with professionals to be Confident and successful in their Career lives)