Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a behavioral model that studies the patterns (programming) of how excellent individuals think (the brain=neuro), communicate (linguistic) and move to become successful.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides all of us with the tools and processes to uncover these patterns of success. NLP also gives us tools to discover and eliminate ineffective behavior that sabotage our goals. NLP techniques are widely used in the fields of education, counselling, business, personal development and more.

What really is NLP?

If you are curious as to what NLP is then your thinking is in the perfect place to discover more…

We suggest you seek the answer to the question ‘What is NLP to me?’ We invite you to revisit this site periodical, as we work through our development of what IXL will deliver to its clients in this area of NLP.

David Nair, founder of IXL Inc, was trained by the NLP Academy UK under the direct stewardship of John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. As we progress in pulling together deliverables in how best to maximize individual performance, might I recommend you explore the thousands of websites out there, where many authors have presented what NLP means to them. Here we present a few to start your journey…

Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP – is the study of human experiences, communication, thinking, language and behaviour. NLP is about noticing conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns. It’s about duplicating excellence and modelling how we communicate to ourselves and others.

NLP is an explicit and powerful model of human experience and communication. Using the principles of NLP it is possible to describe any human activity in a detailed way that allows you to make many deep and lasting changes quickly and easily. Frogs into Princes Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the art and science that can be described in a nutshell, as an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

First, the attitude of NLP is one of curiosity and experimentation. Next, the methodology is modelling, which is the process of duplicating excellent behaviour. Another person’s behaviour can be duplicated by studying what that person does inside their head (language, filters, programs, etc.) to produce results.

NLP was initially created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who began modelling and duplicating the “magical results” of a few top communicators and therapists. Some of the first people to be studied included Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, gestalt therapist Fritz Perls and family therapist Virginia Satir. Since then, many others have contributed to the growth and development of the field.

And finally, the trail of techniques created through this type of modelling is what is commonly known as NLP.

How does Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) work?

NLP’s basic premise is that the human brain functions similarly to a computer, which executes ‘programs’ or mental strategies in ordered sequences of instructions (or internal representations). NLP specifically and objectively measures and identifies the physiological state and mental strategies a person is using at any point in time, and provides specific means to change and improve the mental and physiological state of the person.

Present State + Appropriate Resources –> Desired State

How can you benefit from NLP, through IXL Inc in your work and home environment?

IXL Inc, uses specific patterns to help you move from mediocrity to excellence.

Excellence and mastery come from having many choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives. You will have and perceive more choices available in the world around you helping you to be more effective.

To improve the quality and effectiveness in your performance, we will share techniques that focuses on the thought processes that influence your behavior. It identifies, use and change patterns in these thoughts so that you become more masterful.

Our approach in working you, through the patterns, will definitely see you achieve these benefits:

  • Quick rapport building with people
  • Enhanced communication with others and yourself
  • The ability to influence and motivate people
  • Managing your emotions and personal composure
  • The breaking of unproductive and unhealthy habits, such as procrastination, over-eating etc.
  • Resolution of self-sabotaging and conflicts
  • Turning limiting beliefs into empowering ones
  • Heightened creativity and ability to learn
  • Release of destructive relationships; enhanced or attraction of rewarding relationships
  • Powerful coaching skills to assist others in achieving their goals
  • Expanded belief of what is possible for you
  • Discovery or reinforcement of your purpose in life

Today, NLP is widely used in business to improve management, sales and achievement/performance, inter-personal skills; in education to better understand learning styles, develop rapport with students and parents and to aid in motivation; and of course, NLP is a profound set of tools for personal development.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder asked themselves a simple but fascinating question: “What is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill, and somebody who excels at the same skill?” This simple question engendered a model to understand how we as humans perceive the world, how we organize our thinking, feeling, skills and behavior. It is a field that is continually innovating and developing.

NLP is essentially a model of excellence and achievement, or ‘what works’.

It is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, knowledge, skills and techniques.

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