Consulting on Specific needs

Consulting on Specific Needs

“There is no Lack of Knowledge out there ….. Just a shortage of asking for Help.”

The width & depth of work experience that David Nair carries with him puts him in good stead for assisting with specific projects of consultation for an Organization.

The Thirty-five (35) years of experience working in areas of Financial & Management Operational issues, Human Resource Development, Business Planning, Financial Controller functions for Transport, Retail/Wholesaler, Coal Mining construction and operation, Motor, Food processing and Government Deregulating industries, does provide david with good solid understanding of operational matters, thus the ability to diagnose concerns and find effective solutions with ease.

David held various positions in these industries ranging from being a hands-on accountant, strategic planner, Vice President and an advisor for a number of organizations. This exposure does provide him with a “Helicopter Vision” of concerns and the ability to drive with focus on project. Whilst that is being done he ensures the baton is passed on to the team working with him on the project.

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