A person can rise up through the efforts of his own mind, or in the same manner draw himself down, for each person is his own friend or enemy.
(Bhagavad Gita)

Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex. Your workmanship is marvellous, how well I know it.
(Bible Psalm 139:14)

It's your mind …… that creates your world.(Buddha)

The perfecting of One's Self is the Fundamental Base of all Programs and all Moral Development.(Confucius)

The Capacity to learn is a Gift;
The Ability to learn is a Skill;
The Willingness to learn is a Choice.
Make your character good for the people.(Prophet Muhammad)

We cannot see our reflection in running water. Its only, in still water that we can see.(Tao Philosophy)

Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.(Zen Philosophy)

"The Books, CD's & Video's a man / woman reads, sees and hears, maketh the person, The People he/she Associates with, grooms that person for Life."
- David Nair.

Welcome message from the founder ...

Smiley face Thank you for taking the time off your busy schedule to spend a few minutes browsing through our brochure. We hope through this connect, we could share, what we do, in the hope of collaborating with your Organization, to see if we could be of assistance in further developing and empowering your employees.

Our dictum; "Build People to Build Organisations" How do we do it? "Small Shifts generating Big Gains" The outcome of these small behavioural interventions leverages their productivity to a great extent.

The brochure provides a "snap shot" of the activities of IXL Incorporated, an International Organization that focuses on People Development and Empowerment.

At a macro level the brochure shares:

Who we are?
What we offer?
What we do? - brief of our suite of programs, workshops, coaching & mentoring.
Our Clientele
Gallery of some of our activities

We hope this brief; provides a picture, of how we put together the framework for personal excellence to be role modelled and anchored for future success, of the individual and the organization.

Friends, if you like what you see, and would like us to partner with you in the development and empowerment of your teams, or if you do have any queries, you are welcome to personally connect with me at dvnair@ixlincorporated.com

Once again a sincere thank you for allowing us to share our journey, and do hope to connect with you soon.

David Nair

Who are we?

IXL Incorporated (IXL Inc), an International Organisation that focuses on People Development and Empowerment. We work from our client's defined needs, and have been instrumental in training, people empowerment, Coaching & Mentoring of people from all walks of life. We deliver customized developmental quality programmes for corporate, personal and community excellence.

IXL Inc was founded in 1998 by David Nair. Motivated by his desire to bring the best and fuelled with innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and passion, David and his team work diligently imparting the required patterns of Change (specific skills set) for achieving excellence.

we are

At IXL Inc, we focus on two key drivers of performance – People & Process. Focussing on these two drivers, we offer a range of performance enhancement training and learning solutions aimed at empowering the individual. As our tagline / cliché goes – "You build the Individuals and the Individuals build the Organization."

Our training lasts well beyond "Hot Bathing." The participants will use the Takeaways and transform their potential into bottom line results for themselves, their organization, and community.

We deliver the best framework for PERSONAL EXCELLENCE to be Role Modelled and Anchored for future success.

What we do ?

Over the last two decades, we have worked with large & medium size businesses in assisting them achieve their Organizational goals for developing & empowering their employee. What we have found is businesses with the culture of Learning and Development are seen as Quality Organizations.

We, at IXL Incorporated have had the privilege of working with such Organizations in helping them grow to that state. Our dictum, "Build People to Build Organization" is the basis in which we drive to reinforce this state of Excellence.

In pursuit of this excellence, we have developed the Self Performance Model that would drive one towards Continuous and Never Ending Improvement (CANI)


Organizations that believe that the key to their growth lies in the growth of each and every individual that forms the organization will find us congruently aligned with their values.

What is the Outcome of such a drive ?

Organization's most valuable resource is its people or put more succinctly, the knowledge and passion that resides within the hearts and the minds of its people. IXL works on the grassroots level to bring the most crucial and sustainable change. We focus on four specific areas of Transformation.

1.Mindset shift for excellence

We equip our participants with well tested patterns for Self-Improvement. In a disciplined manner, we work with their Subconscious minds, in enhancing mental shifts for excellence, unleashing their potential to manifest their required outcomes

2.Infuse Passion for Continuous Obsessed Learning

We nurture our participants in generating a strong passion and drive for Continuous & Never Ending Improvement (CANI). Coupled with our patterns to Self-Motivate, Build Confidence, create Awareness through sensory learning, participants cement for CANI.

3.Mould Individuals

Our interventions on Youth, New Recruits, Employees, Managers, VP's, and Country Heads emerge successful in empowering and taking individuals to higher standards of performance. Our turnkey integrated services include an extensive needs analysis, customizing the programs to specific requirement, experiential delivery, counsel, consult, and impart unparalleled mechanisms for sustainable growth of employees and leadership within the organization.

4.Fuel Self & Business Growth

We work with Individuals and Corporate Leaders in providing them direction and support to achieve specific goals and targets in all important sectors of life and thus bringing them to the cutting-edge zone of performance and delivery.

This above holistic development cements for a good Work / Life balance. For more details please refer to ixlincorporated.com

Founders Profile ...

The Books, CD's & Video's a man/women reads, sees and hears, maketh the person, The People he/she Associates with, grooms that person for Life...." David Nair

David's Definite Major Purpose (DMP)
Smiley face
To Create a mind- set shift in 1 million minds, to stretch that little more in each of us, thereby contributing towards a better world for all of us and generations to come…..


David Nair, CPA,Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, Mentor & NLP Master Practitioner is the founder of IXL Incorporated. His experience in management, planning, financial control, people empowerment, corporate training, administrative system implementation and industry deregulation, provides David with the experience to Train, Coach and Mentor and to provide strategic business advice. Well-qualified professional's with varying degrees of experience in training, coaching & mentoring, form part of David's team.
David's breadth of experience working in senior positions such as Financial Controller, Strategic Planner and Vice President in industries ranging from retailing / wholesaling, coal mining, construction & operation of mine sites, vehicle manufacture & distribution, food processing and transportation has put him in good stead, to assist organizations with Strategic Planning, Joint Venture Alliance, Coaching & Mentoring and Training & Development.
David, as a global citizen based out of Australia, travels extensively to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, UK, US and India, fuelling his passion of nurturing, developing and empowering people.


I have worked with David over the last 4+ years. I first met David as my personal coach when I relocated to India. I had to learn a lot about of workplace culture, and employer-employee expectations in India. After years of education and working in the West, I was glad I could talk to someone who understood the nuances of both the East and West and more importantly how to bridge them. I felt that it is equally important for my direct reports to also understand what the expectations are of their manager. I engaged David in personally coaching them to bring them up to the required mindset with the right frequency in dealing with expatriates and their subordinated. Those who went through the program found it very useful and in my own assessment there has been a dramatic shift in how they manage their own teams. We have also worked with David in getting new employees, mainly those who joined us right after earning their degrees, go through a preparation program. I have worked with several trainers and coaches over the years and I think David is uniquely placed to bridge cultures and bring the best coaching, mentoring and training experiences.
Muthu Krishnan
Managing Director ,Athena, India

David has been working with our Organization for over last 5 years. He has been delivering Soft skill/Behavioural training for our staff with and has consistently received very good feedback. He is a committed professional and constantly raises the bar for himself and the class
Shankar Narayana .V
(Sr. VP & Head - Learning & Talent Development Scope International)

David is a dynamic mentor and friend with a natural ability to connect and understand others psyche. This makes him an excellent coach. His illustrative techniques of teaching blended with his vast experience across cultures and professions are very effective and applicable. His sessions are always motivating, insightful and thought provoking with a lot of fun.
Pradeep Shende
(Applications Development Engineer at KLA-Tencor)

David is one of the few influential, motivating, thought provoking leaders who have dedicated their lives for training and coaching people.
He has the sheer talent of coaching all level executives and top level professionals in an organisation. David Breadth of knowledge allows him to communicate, deliver and interact at all levels.
If you want to be successful in your personal and professional life, you need mentors and trainers like David.
Isaac Ivan
(Manager at Scope International)

is training session was a big success in the organization and the team members benefited a lot. David is full of energy and has a vision
More than a coach, he comes across as very friendly and approachable and gives very practical solutions to many personal, financial and career oriented issues - which makes people I would highly recommend his training/coaching sessions to any organization
Kirankumar Maasi
(Partner at Pizza Park India)

The program has really helped me to understand my strength and weakness and the way to work on the weakness. I will also want to attend the goal setting program. "The impact driven by David is tremendous" Thanks a Lot……

I have learnt the ways and means to control my emotions & ways to move with my colleagues. The program was excellent and I would definitely share the principles with my friends.
Praveena S

There was constant reference to our life with practical experience. The technique / methods to train are excellent. David was good in diagnosing some of my shortcomings. It was great to receive advice on how to change some specific behaviour patterns to overcome my weakness. By following the steps detailed and with persistence, I am sure I will achieve my goal.
Rajesh Kumar R

David instructed me well in positive manner of my strength and weakness. That will be more useful for me to work on the weakness
Chockkalingam .M
There was never a dull moment with David Nair around. I enjoyed every session. It was very informative and useful, with massive practical exercises and case studies of success stories.
Rahul Raghavan

The metamorphosis program is an excellent training program for which we have to continuously work on our self. The program has got me thinking on working out my objective for my life. The program has showed me the path and I have to walk through it. I also need to be at the cutting edge and be a constant student of life. Thank you, David, for helping us and for just being you in the program. It was fun learning. Your selection and use of words is amazing, powerful communicator. WOW! Amazing, charming positive minded, smiling always, understandable. This is a very powerful program conducted by the Best Trainer.
Kamalahasan .TN

Mr. David Nair is a good trainer and the way he is delivering the message is so good. The experiment he shows on the park was fantastic. It helps me grow within my real life and official life.
Sriram .S

The Stress Management Program is an event of our life. The way of presentation was amazing and taught us to find a Work/Life balance. It is very useful for our day to day activities on any environment. The Trainer – are becoming the God gift for me .
Ramesh .S

The cleaning of my attitude session was mind blowing. The program was excellent, nice to communicate and very much easy to have things to your mind.
Harish .R

"Change in Attitude" – The most appealing phrase has a mind blowing and striking effect. A must program for every human on Earth

The way of taking the class is amazing. Had active participation and opportunity has been given for all the team members to actively participate.
Nirmala .V Mani

For further testimonials please refer to https://ixlincorporated.com/testimonial-2/

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