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As captain of our Ship, we set the course, the speed, and are on the bridge navigating through barriers, blockages and hurdles David Nair

Emotional Intelligence Skills Training in Chennai. Are you sailing through life without a compass? Your journey through Life is determined by the decisions you make, moment by moment. These decisions Your actions are ultimately determined by your beliefs, values, rules and the experiences you have had in Life.

When these are in alignment, they will continuously pull you to the direction of your Definite Major Purpose in Life. But when they are in conflict, the result is self-sabotage.

You feel uncertain, frustrated or challenged.. Been though this.?

If so, contact us, to help you create the change required for a move up..


  • Innovate and lead, not follow
  • Shoot up your emotional quotient
  • Convert every obstacle into opportunity
  • Sharpen your senses to pioneer in your field
  • Recognize and release your untapped dynamism
  • Empower the self and become unstoppable for life

It is time to bridge the gap
If you are like the thousands, who had gone through University, College or Trade School, and are employed, or, you are working on completing your education, then the following questions could run through you

  • What does it take to be successful?
  • Why some have it better than others?
  • How can I strive to be one of them or even better?
  • With whom can I discuss the framework for my growth?
  • Who can provide the required guidance and be my mentor?
  • Whom should I role model to have a rewarding personal and professional life?
  • How do I get local and International exposure to lay out alternatives in my career path?

Extremely valid questions for aspiring achievers
Friends, we go through an education system that is supposed to groom us, but to what extent does it really groom us? It again falls short with the following questions:

  • Why am I so fearful?
  • Why do I lack confidence?
  • If only I could speak fluently.
  • If only I knew to manage people.
  • If only I had clarity in my thoughts.
  • If only I had those time management skills.
  • If only I could network with successful people.
  • If only I could be a leader, if only, if only, if only

This frustration, can sometimes be overwhelming, thus affect our performance at work and outside work. It also impairs our interactive skills, thereby alienating us from other.

What is the corrective measure?

We at IXL Incorporated, are here to help you REDUCE THAT GAP. We will work with you in BUILDING YOU, and in providing tools, that you will need to work on yourself with periodic monitoring. With you, we will create your road map, where you could see what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and by when it should be done. With the topics indicted below, you will learn specific patterns for change and how to inculcate these productive habits to cement that change. These topics are selected based on our experience and exposure of working with thousands of participants, from many companies, local & Multinational Corporations.

This personal one on one session or group workshop will truly put you in great stead to stretch and bring huge changes in your life.

We guarantee this to be a LIFE CHANGING BREAKTHROUGH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.Click here for testimonials.

For individuals, please contact us for an obligation free assessment and development plan.

For Corporate, please contact us for an obligation free curtain raiser, followed by a discussion on how to take this forward.

Self Development & Personal Effectiveness Program

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Obessive Learning
Obessive Learning

  • Adopt Constant & Never ending Improvement (CANI) model
  • Learn to constantly equip the required skill set and outshine others
  • Build the aspiring YOU & become a student for life

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Building Confidence
Building Confidence

  • Know yourself to transform & transcend
  • Understand FEAR and learn to confront it
  • Empower & excel by incorporating the Self Mastery Laws

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Effective Communication
Effective Communication

  • Know the facilitating & inhibiting forces in Effective Communication
  • Create a paradigm shift in YOUR environment to communicate
  • Learn the art of active listening for effective interaction
  • Inculcate Assertive Behaviour & Communicative pattern in YOU

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Goal Setting and Planning
Goal Setting and Planning

  • Master the art of setting & achieving clearly defined goals in all four Life Quadrants
  • Develop YOUR financial blue print.
  • Discover the effective use of Subconscious mind to reach goals
  • Understand mind mapping
  • Prioritize goals in alignment with your DMP

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Definite Major Purpose
Definite Major Purpose

  • Identify Purpose, the Fire within, to reach Maximum Potential in YOU
  • Learn to tap the Infinite Energy and Intelligence
  • Make the Law of Attraction work for you
  • Use the realization to live a life of greater contentment

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Time Management
Time Management

  • Learn the art of Self-Discipline, Time & Resource management
  • Understand the cause of stress & how to control it.
  • Live a healthy work life balance striving for Personal Effectiveness
  • Seize every day

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Business Etiquette
Business Etiquette

  • Equip with the niceties of social and business etiquette.
  • Master critical first impressions
  • Understand & inculcate business wardrobe planning, personal hygiene and grooming
  • Understand body language & apply it to your benefit

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Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn to improve your EI to guide your thinking and actions
  • Identify your emotional weaknesses and develop a plan of action
  • Learn how to be emotional competent, sensitive & mature in your environment.
  • Get a good handle on relationship management.

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  • Good leadership is a product of excellence in Personal Skills, Talent & Character.
  • Understand basic laws of leadership
  • Nurture & build leadership traits by mastering the basic techniques & Role Modelling.

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