Public Programs

Public Programs

Our core beliefs are the epicentre from which our thoughts, behaviours and emotions flow. We need to continuously develop to realign our core belief with our environment. David Nair

The move this way was long coming, as many who have attended our programs have constantly been asking for the programs to be conducted in public arena. Their primary reason for such request is that they would like their spouse, relatives, friends, peers, subordinates or associates to attend and share the experience that the participants themselves had gone through some time back, thereby providing HOPE Help Other People Evolve, for their Self Development.

As we launch this segment of IXL public programs in empowering people around us, we would personally like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to you to attend the program or programs. For some, this would be a refresher, for others it would be a whole new avenue of Life changing skills that would help you journey through life with a different perspective. We would sincerely seek your support to pass this invitation to your circle of Influence, who you feel would be enriched by attending these sessions.

THE LAUNCH for the ADP will cover the following three sessions

U Inc

Your Life Blue Print

Emotional Intelligence

The sessions are scheduled over three Sundays. This would assist those working on Saturdays to attend the sessions. Each session will run for a full day (9am through to 6pm). On completing and submitting the registration form – program details, pre-workshop exercises, cost, venue and other logistic will be provided.

U Incorporated is a prerequisite for the other two sessions. Every attendee will need to go through the U Inc session. This is so you understand the fundamentals of how YOUR computer within you operates and how to effectively execute its processes such that you will know how to stretch and perform at your peak daily. Without the base foundation, it does not matter how good a building one puts up, its stability and sustenance would be short lived. That is the primary reason for this session being a pre-requisite for the other two sessions.

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During every vacation teenagers & parents are put to test on what to do, where to go and whether the break should be academic driven or just fun or both, and basically how to keep your daughter/son busy in a constructive way. Here at IXL Inc, we have a solution for that a five day camp during the vacation where fun and development takes place with the youth. During these sessions, your daughter/son would experience a handful of few real life habits of success patterns that would enrich, empower and groom your daughter/son even further for a successful journey through life.

The Solution:

Working with new graduates and corporate executives from all levels of management, we at IXL Inc, have crystallized a few habit patterns, that when focused on during the teenage years of an individual’s development, this would set the individual in an excellent stead for their future development.

The exposure to these areas would undoubtedly put your daughter/son at a different plane to the Youth around them. The mileage that these teens would have acquired would far surpass what their counterparts would have acquired from any self-development program. This session would place them a class apart in all aspects (Career, Family, Social, Recreation and Spiritual) of their life.

For more information on Where & When these programs are conducted, Who should attend and what is covered during these programs please contact us