Coaching & Monitoring

Empowering mindset Through Coaching & Mentoring

“Unlocking a person’s potential, to maximise their own performance, by helping them to learn,
rather than teach them…. C & M is the Universal Language of Change & Learning”

How would coaching and mentoring staff in your organization improve your productivity?

Coaching and Mentoring can effectively unlock the potential that already exists within any organization.

The organization’s most valuable resource is its people or put more concretely, the knowledge and passion that resides within the hearts and minds of its people. Within this program you will learn how to introduce coaching and mentoring within any organization and will reap the benefits to the organization.

Whether you are interested to learn about coaching and mentoring for yourself or you want to instruct your staff or clients on how to implement a successful coaching and mentoring process this program will deliver endless results for you.

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Our Coaching spreads over three different platforms, based on the requirement of the client.

  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

From experience we have found that Coaching has been an excellent platform for development and continued growth for an Individual and the Organization.

How would coaching staff in your organization improve your productivity?
Coaching can effectively unlock the potential that already exists within any organization.

The organization’s most valuable resource is its people or put more concretely, the knowledge and passion that resides within the hearts and minds of its people.

We utilize a unique behavioural science to draw this out of the individual…. What is that science?

Cream de Cream of our effective development

Layered into the coaching of soft skills and behaviour change patterns, we included various Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) patterns in our Coaching process. Initially, we implant the attitude of NLP as one of just curiosity and experimentation for the Coachee to be exposed. We gradually evolve into the methodology of modelling, which is the process of duplicating excellent behaviour. Another person’s behaviour can be duplicated by studying what that person does inside their head (language, filters, programs, etc.) to produce results.

David Nair, was personally mentored by John Grinder (co – founder of NLP), who began modelling and duplicating the “magical results” of a few top communicators and Therapists. We also include in this program some of the patterns of change from the initial works that Richard Blander & John Grinder did in their studied of Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, gestalt therapist Fritz Perls and family therapist Virginia Satir.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder asked themselves a simple but fascinating question:

“What is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill, and somebody who excels at the same skill?”

This simple question engendered a model to understand how we as humans perceive the world, how we organize our thinking, feeling, skills and behaviour. It is a field that is continually innovating and developing.

IXL Incorporated use this aspect of NLP in essentially promoting this model of excellence and achievement, or ‘what works’. It is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, knowledge, skills and techniques that we found would stretch the Coachee to being at the top end of Excellence.

Our Dictum: “Build People to Build Organization.”

David personally monitors and drives this segment……

Get to Know the Change Agent – Why use David Nair and what is His cutting edge?

Within this program the Coachee will be exposed to various real life experiences that the coach, our founder, David Nair had undergone whilst he was in his twenty-five (25) years of employment experience in areas of Financial & Management Operational issues, Human Resource Development, Business Planning, Financial Controller functions for Transport, Retail/Wholesaler, Coal Mining construction and operation, Motor, Food processing and Government Deregulating industries. David held various positions in these industries ranging from being a hands-on accountant, strategic planner, Vice President and an advisor for a number of organizations.

David’s strengths from a coaching perspective are …….

  • A desire to help – Our coach is interested and willing to help others.
  • Have had positive experiences – Our coach has positive formal and informal experiences. This rich experience is shared with the Coachee through their development.
  • Good reputation for developing others – Our coach has good reputation for helping others develop their skills. (Some Organizations refer it as his Brand Image)
  • Time & Energy – Our coach has the time and mental energy to devote to the relationship and the development of the Coachee.
  • Up-to-date knowledge – Our coach has maintained current and constantly update technological knowledge and/or skills to assist with the growth of the Coachee.
  • Learning Attitude – At times, our coach is still willing and able to learn and see the potential benefits off him still being a student.
  • Demonstrated effective managerial (coaching) skills – Our coach has demonstrated effective coaching, counselling, facilitating and networking skills.

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Organizations Wants

Organizational expectations of their Directors, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Managers, Supervisors and Employees are…

  • Accomplish more through others.
  • Become a positive role model for the organization.
  • Learn to develop the people who report to them so that they become better, more productive members of the team.

These three basic components of a manager’s job are seldom, if ever, written into any job description. Most often it is assumed that everyone in the organization knows the importance of these three commandments. Yet many managers never hear this from any source. They are left to learn their importance and how to do these things by trial and error. As usual, there is a better way…

Our Coaching helps solve many of the issues that executives have struggled with for generations…

  • How do you align employee goals with the objectives of the company?
  • How do you motivate people to move in a common, strategic direction?
  • What does it take to communicate effectively?
  • How do you hire and keep good people?
  • How can you deliver gold-standard customer service?

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Business Coaching

We provide executive coaching to business owners / directors of companies.

We can help you with:

  • Clarity and identifying the real root cause of the issues that need be resolved.
  • Assist with developing the Vision, Mission & Core Value of the Organisation.
  • Cascade the Vision, Mission & Core Values through the Organization
  • Help develop and embed effective business practices and reducing waste
  • Assist in resolving conflict between partners / directors
  • Help creating a strategy and translating it into a workable plan
  • Assist in handling difficult clients or staff members
  • Personal coaching to achieve e.g. work-life balance
  • Assist with Organizational Change and in cascading this change through the Organization.

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Executive Team Coaching

We use a combination of team workshops and individual coaching to achieve dramatic improvements in executive team effectiveness and collaboration. Research has established that team effectiveness relies on a shared purpose, trust, enabling robust conversations, commitment and accountability. This can only be put in place through working with the group as a whole.

In particular, our coaching for executive leadership teams is well-suited to addressing the following issues:

  • Working effectively as a leadership team
  • Balancing strategic and operational focus
  • Improving collaboration and trust
  • Enabling robust discussions in the team
  • Using effective decision making strategies

Do contact us for an obligation free discussion and curtain raiser of our detailed process of what we do and how we do this segment of Coaching. We will also provide details of Companies that we have worked with and individuals who have benefited for such an intervention….

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is the most effective approach in improving your leadership skills and attaining your career goals. The US has been forerunners in area of Coaching, their current statistics indicate as high as 34% of CEOs in the US have been to coached. The level of Senior Executive receptiveness towards coaching is 100%. It is found that coaching delivers at least 500-700% return on investment, vastly outperforming traditional training.

The basic idea of coaching is to have expert assistance with building skills in relation to leadership, management and commercial acumen to either solve current problems or to set you up for future success. Through working with a coach you are able to recognise and address patterns of behaviour that are usually impossible to see in yourself.

What you can achieve with our coaching:

  • A better understanding of themselves, thereby increasing their interactive ability between their peers.
  • Increase their Self-awareness.
  • By understanding and applying the behavioural tools shared, they will be able to control and manage their internal states, impulses and resources.
  • To understand their own hot buttons, that of their peers and team associates. They will also learn how to caress this hot button for the achievement of the department’s goals and objectives.
  • A soft assertive approach in handling people to acquire the objective.
  • Mastery of the Six P model to success, by strategizing their plans, prioritizing their goals, objectives and actions.
  • Certain power communication techniques that will enrich their interaction between associates and peers.
  • Improve their listening, communicating and influencing skills
  • Draw linkage to objectives, actions and follow through
  • Improve your strategic thinking and decision making
  • Learn how to delegate efficiently to reduce stress
  • Develop sound conflict management skills
  • Learn to navigate organisational politics
  • Develop increased personal authority and confidence
  • Take your career to the next level or change your career

David’s approach is honest, insightful, supportive and focussed on getting individual leaders more commercially effective and happier in their roles. If you would like to reach the next level in your career, become more flexible as a leader or simply have more tools in your bag to deal with difficult situations or people, we are there to provide the required assistance. Do Contact us for an obligation free discussion

Mentoring is an Organizational tool that can be used to nature and grow their people. It can be an informal practice or a formal practice or a formal program. Protégés observe, question and explore. Mentors demonstrate, explain and model.

We at IXL Inc can assist you with putting in place A Formal Mentoring Program, that offers the student, an overview of mentoring basics how mentoring programs can benefit organizations and the roles and desirable competencies for mentors and mentees. The program covers organizational strategies that can be implemented through mentoring programs and how to develop implement and evaluate the success of a mentoring program. It also covers steps for selecting mentors and mentees steps for matching mentors to mentees and guidelines for establishing strong mentoring relationships. Do Contact us for an obligation free discussion.