Our client experience interacting with us…..
David, A professional with a lot of perseverance and Industry knowledge was a great. I feel proud to be associated with him and cherish this relation of love, respect and deep understanding.
Raajan (Bosch India on Site Recruitment Solutions - Ikya)
We have been working together for the last 6 months. This is my first experience of having a career coach and he has done full justice to the role. From his first session with our group of 9 members till the last individual discussion i saw consistency in his approach. He was able to educate us on certain concepts which are quite useful and made us experience the same by being constantly in touch with us. He exhibited personal interest in the each individual by going beyond the call of his duty. I had couple of personal coaching sessions with him and in every session he brought out certain insights which had helped to manage by work and life better.
Vijayaraghavan RJ (Building turbocharge teams to win the market at Vodafone Odisha)

David is one of the few people I have met in my life who really think of bringing a change in mass and become a part of the change itself to make it happen. He has a broader vision of creating socially, financially, spiritually and education wise strong society.

I attended a three-day program organised by my company. David taught around hundreds of life facts with real life examples and demos. As far as I know he climbed the success ladder himself very fast and hence I believe he has a lots of experience to share and teach. A major part of that program was to understand the difference between amateurs and professionals and how should a professional conduct in his organization. Other topics covered were about civic conscience and social behaviour.

I strongly recommend that program for every professional.

Santak Dalai (Associate Software Engineer at KLA-Tencor)

His training session was a big success in the organization and the team members benefited a lot. David is full of energy and has a vision.

More than a coach, he comes across as very friendly and approachable and gives very practical solutions to many personal, financial and career oriented issues - which makes people I would highly recommend his training/coaching sessions to any organization.

Kirankumar Maasi (Partner at Pizza Park India)
David is a dynamic mentor and friend with a natural ability to connect and understand others psyche. This makes him an excellent coach. His illustrative techniques of teaching blended with his vast experience across cultures and professions are very effective and applicable. His sessions are always motivating, insightful and thought provoking with a lot of fun.
Pradeep Shende (Applications Development Engineer at KLA-Tencor)
I have had the privilege of attending couple of David's training workshops on EI and leadership. He delivered a lot of excellent content, drawing on his own life/career and came up with a lot of great ideas and takeaways. The knowledge and support I received from the workshops was nothing less than amazing. David has an extremely focused and well-tuned knowledge of how to supercharge oneself and achieve greater success in all areas of their life through some of his proven strategies. I have been able to apply all of his suggestions and concepts in both my professional and personal life successfully. A total professional who is very generous with his time, if you're looking to learn more about Emotional Intelligence, achieving goals, sharing your passion and leadership than look no further than David, as he is the best person you can learn from.
Anish Padinjaroote (Head HR at CCS Technologies Pvt.Ltd)
David is an expert trainer for personality/career development and has vast experience working with various industries, especially IT industries. He has conducted very successful career development workshops for our employees at various levels. His classes on Goals, EQ, and U Inc pack real career boosting techniques.
Karthi Swaminathan (Director Technology at Athena health, Chennai)

David is one of the few influential, motivating, thought provoking leaders who have dedicated their lives for training and coaching people.

He has the sheer talent of coaching C- level executives and as level as professionals at all levels.

If you want to be successful in your personal and professional life, you need mentors and trainers like David.

Isaac Ivan (Manager at Scope International)

I appreciate Mr. David Nair for his outstanding service that he provide as part of his soft-skill trainings. He has passion to make changes in people life through his training. He has all good qualities of a good trainer and has high regard for him .Because of his efforts, I was able to find exactly what I needed and I am very satisfied with his training. I will continue to attend his training in future, as well as recommend to others. He has put together a great training for the team that makes everyone in the company feel respected and valued.

I look forward to associating with him again in the future.

Sanil Xavier (CSM Senior Manager - Delivery at Collabnet)
David is an excellent career coach with the great ability to keep the audience deeply engaged and is extremely driven to ensure that the effect of the coaching extends well beyond the engagement period to have a lasting impact in our careers.
Hemanth Panyam (Digital Engagement Manager | Digital Works Technology | Banking and Financial Services at Cognizant)

I had attended Mr. David’s training programme with the title of “Goal setting and Managerial effectiveness” during 2004 in Chennai, sponsored by my organization.

Mr. David is a highly result-oriented trainer in the area of personality development and soft-skills improvement.

He has a special efficiency to capture the participants and drive them his way with...

Suresh Warrier (Principal Consultant)