Our Vision, Mission, Core Values

Our Vision, Mission, Core Values

The driver and barometer by which we maintain our standard of excellence.

IXL Incorporated (IXL Inc) is as International Organization that focuses on People Development and Empowerment

Based on our clients’ needs, we deliver customized quality programmes for personal and corporate excellence.

IXL Inc was founded in 1998 by David Nair, and has been instrumental in Training, Developing and Coaching of people from all walks of life.

Motivated by his desire to bring the best and fueled with innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and passion, David and his team work diligently in imparting the required skills for achieving excellence.

At IXL Inc, we focus on two key drivers of performance – People & Process. Focusing on these two drivers, we offer a range of performance enhancement training and learning solutions aimed at empowering the individual. As the cliche goes – “You build the Individuals and the Individuals build the Organization.”

Our training lasts well beyond “Hot Bathing.” The team will use the Take Away and transform their potential into bottom line results for themselves & the organization.

We deliver the best framework for PERSONAL EXCELLENCE to be Role Modeled and Anchored for future success.

To be internationally recognized as an innovative and a dedicated partner to clients, providing customized training of the highest standards and in turn empower individuals to maximize their personal power.

With our corporate clients we partner in developing specific programs designed to their individual needs. Our focus is on building enduring long-term relationships by providing results orientated quality solutions to their needs.

With aspiring students and professionals our focus is to shape their lives, to affect their behavior, to increase their market value, their relationships, their emotion and their direction in life.

As an outstanding organization, we attract and nurture high-calibre passionate professionals by providing them with growth opportunities and encouraging performances

Customer Focus: We believe in the going the extra mile to deliver highest quality such that it surpasses our customer’s expectations.

Innovation and agility: We continuously and proactively seek ways to improve our services and processes.

Ethics and integrity: We treat people with dignity and respect. We are fair in our dealings, respect the law of the land and follow the highest level of intellectual, moral, financial and professional.
Living by our VMC we empower and transform life’s daily. We have touched thousands of life’s by creating mindset shifts in people and organizations, though our unique range of inspirational and dynamic programmes, which is detailed in …. What we offer.